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 Poke-Central Rules

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PostSubject: Poke-Central Rules   Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:41 pm

1. Don't ask for or provide illegal content, discuss cheating devices or cheat codes
This includes episode downloads, Gameshark, Action Replay, ROMs, etc

2. Limit the use of foul language
Pretty self explanitory.

3. Don't spam
Basically, posts that contribute nothing to the thread or topic. This includes replying to spam posted by others.

4. Don't post in topics that are a month old
Stickied threads and special cases such as posting Fan Fiction are exceptions to this.

5. Don't post multiple times in a row
There are a few cases where this will be permitted.

6. Stay on topic within threads
If you want to talk about something completely different, make a new thread or use the search button to find the right one.

7. Don't post inappropriate or offensive material
Porn or anything else "not safe for work". Also anything that might offend another member

8. Don't troll or flame users. Be respectful.
Includes the use of language that's racial, religious, rude, sexually explicit, insulting, threatening, abusive, hateful, ethnic, or just a general intent to annoy others.

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Poke-Central Rules
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